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Mu´s Katsu – Your cozy Restaurant in Chiang Mai

If you are blessed with a holiday in Chiang Mai you can enjoy food of the highest quality and richest taste. Compared to other countries and even cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai has a huge amount of restaurant that offers a wide variety of quality food for reasonable prices .

Mu´s Katsu is an unique restaurant in Chiang Mai, our menu is a mix of Japanese and Italian food, and our chef has 20 years of experience from western style hotels and restaurants in Thailand.

You will find our Chiang Mai restaurant at the popular Nimmahim Road, then just across the street from Soi 13 and the popular Salad Concept. When you see the 7-Eleven our restaurant is just 15 meters down the Soi (Soi is alley in Thai language)

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If you are looking for a special restaurant in Chiang Mai – you have found it!